Tips for Building Your List of Homes to See

April 4, 2017

You're pre-approved.  You've met with your agent and understand the process.  You're ready to build your list of homes to see!  Now where do you start?  Follow these tips to :

  1. Stick to your “must have” list.  I always have buyers outline exactly what they are looking for before we head into our first home.  The reason for this is once you start looking at homes, it’s easy to veer off course and try to get creative in finding a fit.  If you set out looking for four bedroom, two full bath homes with a finished basement then don’t go into a three bedroom, one bath home on a slab just because you liked the kitchen or thought it was a great price.  It can be difficult to stay on course but sticking to your “must have” list will keep you from viewing homes unnecessarily.

  2. Eliminate as many homes as possible during your online research.  Have you ever set out to clean out your closet and have a really hard time throwing out that first piece of clothing only to find that it gets easier and easier with each additional item you throw out?  It’s exactly the same when you are going through home options online.  At first, you want to see every home that has one feature you like but you have to ask yourself, “Could I really see my family living here?”  If the answer is no, the home has to go!  Once you start narrowing down your favorites list, you’ll be amazed how quickly you sort it down to just a few true options.

  3. Get out and see your top picks right away.  Once you’ve identified a few favorites, get out and take a look as soon as possible.  Nice homes that are priced appropriately tend to get a lot of attention, regardless of the market.  The worst feeling in the world is missing out on a potential home because you wanted to add a few others to your list.  When you identify a good fit, call your agent and see it as soon as possible!

To schedule a time to see some of your top picks, give us a call at 216.309.0567.