Which countertop is the best fit for your kitchen?

April 18, 2017


Granite countertops are still the most common higher end countertop seen in homes.  While granite provides a beautiful and strong finish, it is a porous material and should be sealed yearly.  Granite countertops are the standard for buyers looking for a higher end finish in their kitchen.

Price per square foot = $60-$100 per square foot


Quartz is generally regarded as the toughest countertop material.  It is nearly indestructible and is almost impossible to cut, chip or crack.  Quartz’s downfall can be some noticeable seams, especially in lighter shades, and it can discolor over time from direct sunlight.

Price per square foot = $50-$100 per square foot


The most affordable selection also offers the most variety.  You can find an affordable laminate countertop in almost every design and color imaginable.  The downside of laminate is its durability and buyer appeal.  Laminate countertops can crack, scratch and burn more easily than a stone countertop.  Also, many buyers find laminate countertops undesirable and feel it detracts from the kitchen’s appearance.

Price per square foot = $10-$40 per square foot


Tile is tough, heat resistant and affordable; however, they are susceptible to damage if something is dropped on it.  Many buyers feel tile is less desirable than a stone countertop.

Price per square foot = $10-$30 per square foot